Frankincense, Sage, and Myrrh.

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Frankincense, Sage, and Myrrh .

 Our Unique house blend of the worlds three most revered spiritual cleansers. Perfect for the purification of home, business, and sacred spaces. Also can be used as a spiritual bath.

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Sage: is well known throughout the america's for its purifying capabilities and its subtle and appealing fragrance. works upon negative energies that are clouding the aura, changing these negative influences to enable them to act for the benefit of the person, place or object whose aura is being cleansed.


Frankincense: is the essence  that has captured the attention of both mystic and doctor alike! Reknown both throughout  ancient times and  today for its wonderful ability to calm and sedate the human mind, this precious rock incense has been used extensively in places of worship.The earliest record of the use of frankincense is found in an inscription on the tomb of the 15th century BC Egyptian queen named Hathsepsut.Ancient Egyptians burned frankincense as incense and ground the charred resin into a powder called kohl. known to elevates personal and spiritual love and heightens awareness on all levels by inspiring and awakening the spiritual senses.


Myrrh: is typically burned in conjunction with Frankincense, Myrrh is  referred to in the Bible, It was used by Egyptians in embalming mixtures. It has also been  used as an aromatic for perfumes, ceremonies, and insect repellents. Perhaps best known for its ability to enhances and strengthens spirituality, visualisation and meditation practices.